SB326 & SB721 Repair Fulfillment

Although the SB326 & SB721 laws are new, BRR Contractors has been building beautiful and cost effective exterior elevated elements for 20 years for commercial and residential clients in San Diego County. Contractor's License # 700811

What is the SB326 and SB721 law and how does it affect you?

Recently, the California legislature passed two bills, SB326 and SB721, that are designed to make it easier for homeowners to get repair work done to their homes and buildings while protecting their safety and wellbeing. Both state laws are very similar yet have subtle differences.

Condos & Townhomes

Back in January 1, 2020, Senate Bill 326, also known as the “Balcony Bill,” took effect for HOA communities and effects associations with three or more multifamily dwelling units. This bill requires associations to conduct visual inspections of exterior elevated elements and load-bearing components six feet above the ground. Examples of these are balconies, decks, patios, and elevated walkways.


It is required that a Licensed Structural Engineer or Architect generate a report summarizing the findings, which will then be included into the association’s reserve study. It only applies to condo projects with three or more units. Inspections are to be performed no later than 2025 and every nine years after that in conjunction with the association’s reserve study.



SB 721, also referred to as the “Balcony Bill,” is a statewide law requiring owners to get regular, stringent inspections of their external elevated elements. It requires inspection of all Exterior Elevated Elements (EEE) of apartment communities prior to January 1, 2025 and every six years thereafter.

It aims to add a new level of public safety to decks, balconies, and other external, elevated structural elements in multi-family residential units.

Typically there are two types of repairs that need to be addressed after an evaluation is completed:

  • Non-emergency repairs: the owner or Board of Directors is then notified
  • Emergency repairs: the Local Building and Safety Department is notified

How can BRR Contractors Help?

After an inspection is done, BRR Contractors is notified that repairs need to be made to railings, balconies, and other bigger issues. We are also happy to provide a referral if an inspection is needed to an exterior elevated element. BRR Contractors, with over 20+ years of experience in this area of work, can make the needed replacements and updates to the designated areas. These reports often include recommendations about maintenance and repairs that are needed to preserve the integrity of the building and the safety of its residents. Inspections help determine if the exterior elements are unsafe and do not meet acceptable standards. Best Rate Repair will bring the designated area back to compliance while meeting required code violations.

Some inspections deem repairs to be addressed immediately and are prioritized by the threat posed to the building inhabitants. A report provided to the local building department may require prompt solutions. BRR Contractors can quickly correct services related to SB721 and SB326 compliance from the initial inspection through the completion of any repairs that may be necessary.

Additionally, we can ensure repairs from the generated reports are completed on time and in accordance with the two bills. Our repair experts will ensure the proper action is taken with the recommendations facilitated from these mandated findings. Through our client portal at BRR Contractors, property managers can easily stay up to date on the progress of a project.

We can provide property owners with the peace of mind to ensure that their community-building is kept safe and beautiful after an inspection identifies issues with the building or deems it unsafe.

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Ultimately, the client portal allows allows homeowners and commercial builders to review project documents, view daily work performance with daily logs and photos. Our client portal also allows for electronic signatures and easy payment processing. The client portal is your window to the construction process.

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